Parallels Coming to the 2014 Macworld Expo

2018-01-12 14:36:11 5

Since its founding in 1985, the Macworld Expo has become the most influential Apple ecosphere in the world. The exposition, with the theme of "defining the future with innovation", will be opened at the Beijing National Conference Center in August 21st. At that time, Parallels will also take part in the Expo to show its innovative products and technology to consumers.

"In today's rapid technological change, innovation is the driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise." Mr. Zhao Xinrong, director of cross platform sales at Parallels Greater China, said: "at this Expo, Parallels will show consumers the unremitting efforts we have made in enhancing user experience. In addition, the Expo also set up a good platform for us and consumers to listen to their voices and let us continuously bring them innovative products and technologies.

The Parallels booth is located at the National Conference Center A110. In order to make consumers understand their products and answer consumers' questions more closely, Parallels will also conduct four product consultation and technological innovation results in the central exhibition area of the venue on August 22-24. The specific time of display is as follows:

At 13:40 in August 22nd - 14:00

At 11:30 in August 23rd - 11:50; 15:20-15:40

At 11:00 in August 24th - 11:20

At the same time, Parallels also prepares exquisite gift bags for the media and audience friends visiting the Parallels booth first. You are welcome to take part in the collection. To get more information about Parallels, let's go to the Parallels Macworld booth at the National Conference Center in August 21st.

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